Equivalent functionality in Sugarcube v2

Examples taken from the Sugarcube online documentation

Sugarcube and Moontale have fundamentally different use-cases! This guide is not exhaustive - in particular, it does not cover the DOM, Input, Audio, or utility functions.

Macros and Functions

As a rule, Moontale makes no distinction between a 'macro' and a 'function'. The changer syntax $foo[Text] makes use of foo as a Lua function, and using it in code e.g. {$ x = foo(y) $} is just as valid.


The following syntax is identical in Sugarcube and Moontale:

  • [[Passage]]

  • [[Link -> Target]]

  • [[Target <- Link]]

  • $variable

  • * Unordered lists

  • > Blockquote

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